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How To Upload The Photo To Google Photos?


Google Photos is a photo sharing app which is developed by Google. It is used by approximately 200 million users which gives the flexibility to users about when to backups occur. It gives free unlimited storage space for photos and videos. Users can automatically backup photos and which can be accessed from anywhere. Users need to create backup for their media to free the memory space space of their device. So google photo is the best option to automatically create a backup.

Before you want your photos upload on google photos you need to keep in mind some important points such as there should be good internet connection on your device. Make sure that the photos size must not be larger than 75 MB or 100 MB and video size must not be larger than 10 can create backup of .jpeg, .png, webp and some raw files types for photos and .mpg,.mod,.mmv, .avi, .3gp, .mp4 file format for videos. If you are using Google photo app on your iPhone or iPad then you can also backed up live photos.

There are two ways to create backup your Google photos which consist several steps. Follow the below mentioned steps:

Setup the Backup and Sync desktop app

  1. Firstly download and install backup and sync on your device.
  2. You have to login into Google accounts that you use for Google photos.
  3. Choose backup only photos, video or all files or any folder you want to backup.
  4. select your upload size under the “photo & video upload size” and click on start.
  5. Now turn on Backup and sync for Google photos

Upload photos to Google Photos from your web browser

  1. Open on your computer
  2. Click on upload at the top right.
  3. Find and choose your photos and click on open.

To upload the photos to Google Photos you can also drag them from your computer to the album. The photo will be uploaded to specific album If you drag a photo to that album. If you are getting any error during the uploading of your photos then call on Toll Free Number to get reliable Google Technical support. Through this number you can connect with technical support team of google. They will provide you an optimal solution according to your requirement. You can call on this number any time because this number remain active for 24/7.