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How To Enable Flash Player In Apple Safari Browser?



It’s very easy to check and enable flash player in Safari. There is a simple procedure to do it. To know the process of enabling Flash in Safari, please have a look at the 10 instructions shown below.

  1. First thing to do is open Safari. Click on the browser icon in the bottom menu bar.

  2. Once you get your browser up, go ahead and click on Safari icon located at the top left hand corner.

  3. Click on Preferences from the menu that shows-up.

  4. General will appear. Click on Security tab.

  5. Make sure to check the box next to Allow Plug-ins.

  6. Once you’ve checked the box, go ahead and click on Manage Website Settings.

  7. Select Flash Player from the list in the left hand side.

  8. Then click on the arrow icons next to When visiting other websites.

  9. Click on the arrow icons to select Allow Always.

  10. Once you’ve selected Allow Always, go ahead and click on Done option.

Make sure to check the boxes next to Block pop-up windows, Allow plug-ins and Enable JavaScript. Once you’ve done that, please click on close button. Check to see if flash is working on your browser. Launch your web browser again and check if the problem is solved. To obtain online technical help call on Apple Safari Customer Support Phone Number or to see a live solution for enabling Flash Player in Safari, please call a professional at the listed phone number.

Hope these 10 instructions are useful and helpful. If you’re looking for online demo, solution or online technical help, then feel free to talk to a specialist available at the shown helpline number. Call at the moment to obtain the right solution and online help through Apple Safari Customer Service Phone Number for enabling Flash in Safari.

A specialist will receive your call and provide you the right solution for enabling Flash in Safari. Call now to get assistance for browser and browser extensions.

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