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How Can Users Change The Ink Cartridge In Lexmark Printer?


 Every once in a while the ink of a printer cartridge runs out and it has to be replaced by a new one. Most users don’t have the required skills to replace it all by themselves as they may not be fully aware with the hardware of the printer.

If that is the case, then such users can easily learn about the steps involved which are very simple and quick to implement. Users need professional guidance to execute the steps involved with ease. Users must contact Lexmark Printer Customer Support Phone Number to get the job done. There technicians will make use of a remote desktop to deliver the solution in a quick span of time.

Following are the steps to change the ink cartridge in Lexmark printer

  • In the very first step, users must lift the scanner unit or access door
  • Once this is done, the cartridge holder will move to the center of the Inkjet or All-In-One.
  • To proceed further, users must press down the cartridge carrier latch in order to raise the carrier lid.
  • Users must then remove the used cartridge in the next step.
  • It must be noted that the on a new cartridge there will be a sticker label on the foil. Users must remove the sticker.
  • In the next step, the protective tape must be removed by users.
  • To proceed further, users must insert the new cartridge in the respective carriers.
  • In the final step, users must close the access door or scanner unit 

To get more info on changing the ink cartridge in Lexmark printer, the best bet for users is to contact Lexmark Printer Customer Service Phone Number. If users can’t make a call then they may use online forums to post their queries.

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